Thursday, 19 April 2018

OMT003 : Didan & Petit Pierre / Ata Ndele (Tôt ou tard le monde va changer)

Cover art by DJeromebosch

OMT003 : Didan & Petit Pierre / Ata Ndele (Tôt ou tard le monde va changer)

Second album on the Off-Matonge series by Didan & Petit Pierre.

At the end of 2017, after composing the music of Quentin Noirfalisse's film / documentary "Le Ministre des Poubelles" (see OMT001), Didan & Petit Pierre brought together a bunch of eminent musicians to record five songs that they dedicate to their country of origin: the DRC.

Established in Belgium not far from Matongé (the Brussels African neighborhood that adjoins the European institutions), the group is composed of renowned artists who played in some legendary big bands in the history of Congolese rumba (Franco and the TPOK Jazz, Vévé of Verckys, Zaiko Langa Langa, Dizzy Mandjeku, etc.).

Didan Dibwidi (tenor saxophone), Pierre Monongi Mopia (rhythm guitar), Malage de Lugendo (vocals), Muki Muindila (trumpet), Alonzo Nzau (percussion) and Toms Ntale (guitars and musical direction) have concocted a small wonder that brings together different musical styles that established this famous rumba born between Kinshasa and Brazzaville after the second world war.

Between bakolo miziki and soukous passing by the song of charm or the bolero, these musicians of great talent tell us the fate of "mikili", those who are supposed to have reached the Eldorado, in other words Europe for those who remained in the country. This fabulously rich Congo, which has gone through colonization, independence, dictatorship and wars, is now at the heart of international geopolitics. The resources of the DRC arouse all the envy of a crazy planet launched in an absurd race subject to dictates of financial returns.

But here's the good news: Ata Ndele!
"Ata Ndele Mokili Ekobaluka!"
"Sooner or later the world will change!"

Push the volume: it is still allowed to dance irresistibly or to dream tenderly.

5 songs dedicated to Congo DRC :

- Mon Congo (Rendez-moi Mon Congo!) :
Created in 2013 by the talented Jean Mikili (his punk / soukous album is worth to investigate). This version multiplies the interpretations probably because the world is complicated. Not enough to pull the mouth, you can check it through the clip available on You Tube.

- Ata Ndele :
Composed by Adou Elenga in 1955 this "protest song" addressed to the Belgian colonial power of the time remains surprisingly modern and has even gained international relevance.

- Motema Ya Nkolo :
The superb tenor saxophone by Didan Dibwidi unfolds an instrumental bolero that balances spirituality with invigorating lyricism.

- Le Temps Des Cerises :
It seems that there are no cherries in Congo. But this ballad that was written at the end of the 19th century seems cut for Malage de Lugendo, singer of irresistible charm to many expert ears. The disturbing and bloody text also owes its fame to the legendary fate of its author (Jean-Baptiste Clément) who participated in the insurrection of the Paris Commune in 1871.

- Monga Mweku :
Pierre Monongi Mopia is the author of a melancholic text that illustrates the existential tearing of the "Mikili" cut off from their family by emigration. He mentions the death of his father and his dismay at being at this moment 8000 km from his family.

Didan Dibwidi & Pierre Monongi Mopia 
featuring Malage de Lugendo, Toms Ntale, Muki Muindila, Alonzo Nzau.

Musical direction : Toms Ntale
Production : DJeromebosch

Physical and digital release on the 18th of April 2018.

Track listing:

1: Mon Congo (Rendez-moi mon Congo!)
2: Ata Ndele
3: Motema Ya Nkolo
4: Le temps des cerises
5: Monga Mweku


Friday, 13 April 2018

ODG079 : Nimzo-Indian / B

Cover art by Andrew Spackman

ODG079 : Nimzo-Indian / B

Nimzo-Indian are electronic music project of musician and artist Andrew Spackman (see the fabulous compilation and remixes on ODG052 or one of his another name darker noisier   and powerful EDM project Sad Man on ODG072).

Nimzo-Indian music has been featured on BBC Radio 3 Late Junction and BBC 6 Music and reviewed in music blogs such as Monolith Cocktail, the Wire magazine and Mojo Magazine. 

No explanation, just listen!


Digital release on the 13th of April 2018.

Track Listing:

1: The Nutcracker
2: Up
3: The Magician
4: Spitfire
5: Friday
6: Bushes and Briars

Thursday, 5 April 2018

OJP026 : Yuichi Onoue 尾上祐一 / Early Days 1983-1997- Collection of Bizarre Homemade Pop Songs

Cover art by Yuchi Onoue

OJP026 : Yuichi Onoue 尾上祐一 / Early Days 1983-1997- Collection of Bizarre Homemade Pop Songs

Yuichi Onoue (see OJP003OJP017 and OJP019) is one of the most busy artist on the alternative rock scene in Tokyo. 
From the late 80ties until now, he has played solo or with a lot of bands from many different genres, from rock to electronic pop to post rock to avant folk... 
He is also a very atypic musician as he always performs with self made instruments he created and invented such as the ribbon or the one chord electric viola... 
This album consists of home made songs that were recorded between 1983 and 1997 and eventually released on separates cassette tapes. All the music was composed and played by Yuichi and is typical of what he does and loves to play. 
The album has been re mastered slightly by Pierre Vervloesem.

All tracks are written by Yuichi Onoue

Yuichi Onoue plays
Guitars, Bass Guitar, Synthesizers, Rhythm Programming
Pitch to Voltage guitar synth(track 01)
Onoue Co-Q - One String Fiddle(track 01, 09)
Kazoo(track 01), Vocal(track 05)
Fender Bass processed by Korg G5 Synth-bass processor(track 02, 03, 07)
Handmade sine wave generator(track 02)
Handmade original guitar synthesizer(track 04)
Handmade synth drum(track 10)
Algorithmic composition by using 'MAX' - a visual programming language
for music(track 06, 07, 08, 09)

Guest Musicians:
Keita Egusa - Piano(track 06)
Michio Karimata - Soprano Sax(track 06)

recorded by using
Sony monoral casette recorder(track 10)
Fostex X-15 4ch casette multi tracker(track 04, 05)
Yamaha CMX100 4ch casette multi tracker(track 01, 02, 03)
Yamaha MD4 4ch MD multi tracker(track 06, 07, 08, 09)

Digital release on the 6th of April 2018.

Track listing:

1: Junk Village Festival (1993)
2: Club Nebla (1994)
3: Carnivorous Plant (1994)
4: Arumi H Sin (1991)
5: Heavy Metal (1988) 
6: Free Electron (1997)
7: Dragon Factory (1997)
8: Musical Pollution Trilogy (1997)
9: Virtual Country (1997)
10: Tokyo Electric Ahoudori (1983)

Friday, 30 March 2018

ODG083 : Goudron et Plume / Burned Heart on a Sunny Beach

Cover art by Lucio Cavallari

ODG083 : Goudron et Plume / Burned Heart on a Sunny Beach

The visionary sound of Goudron et Plume can take different shapes, from cinematic experiments, to classical improvisation through psychedelia, jazz, electro-funky-rock-blues-dancefloor.

The duo is composed by Lorenzo Dalla Barba - aka Professeur Plume: (Voice - Piano - Synth) and Lucio Cavallari - aka Docteur Goudron: (Machine Operator, Strings, Harmonica, see also OUC006). 

Lorenzo was trained at the Orazio Vecchi conservatory in Modena and Lucio at the Central Saint Martin and Ravensbourne College in London.

Digital release on the 30th of March 2018.

Track listing:

1) Burned Heart on a Sunny Beach
2) Black Friday
3) Long Night Blues
4) Red Earth and Pouring Rain
5) Franky
6) Long Gone Lover
7) Space

Friday, 23 March 2018

OJP027 : Tetsuroh Konishi / Breathing of the Wind

Cover art by Ai Kisaragi

OJP027 : Tetsuroh Konishi / Breathing of the Wind

The return of one of the best Japanese trumpet master Tetsuroh Konishi! (seeOJP001OJP002OJP021 and OCD027)

This time, he's using also tibetan horns and ceramic handmade trumpet in his continual search for new sounds and new experimentation. Aways playing with the breath in new ways also to produce some of the most beautiful ambient music!

Tetsuroh, pic by Ai Kisaragi

Digital release on the 23rd of March 2018.

Track listing:

1: Air
2: Before Dawn
3: Calm Days
4: The Port Song
5: Talk to Me
6: Shinobi Song
7: Bird Song (2017 Version)
8: A Passion
9: Cera
10: Harukaze (2017 Version)

Saturday, 17 March 2018

ODG077 : Deadman Orchestra / Mix Tape for Film

Cover art by Erik Vermeulen

ODG077 : Deadman Orchestra / Mix Tape for Film

Since 1996 Youri Van Uffelen (Antwerp) makes music and soundscapes for theater, comic novels, art installations, film, ... Thanks to his studies in audiovisual arts, he is inclined to think in images, resulting in atmospheric music that tells its own story.
This time, it's another type of music than his 'Drawings In Sound' (see ODG062patronyme, as he composed 12 tracks for imaginary movies. The music mixes classical piano, guitars, sounds and at times some beats or drums. 
It's subtle and brings you quickly in another dimension!

Music by Youri Van Uffelen 
Keys & vocals on 'daughters' by Liesje & Yanna Van Uffelen 

Mastering by Uwe Teichert

Available as a limited edition tape released by Zesde Kolonne records , with custom artwork by Erik Vermeulen & concept by Luk Sponselee. Write to

Digital release on the 19th of March 2018.

Track listing:

1: 5 Am
2: Fuse
3: We Think
4: Shallow
5: For Aiko
6: Daughters
7: Too Much
8: The Machine
9: Pictures
10: And Feel
11: Lost Day
12: Too Little

Friday, 16 March 2018

Exclusive Pierre Vervloesem USB card release!

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