Thursday, January 12, 2017

OJP017 : Androgena / Mondo Electronica

OJP017 : Androgena / Mondo Electronica

Androgena was formed in Tokyo in June 1996 and wav active until July 1997.
One of their member was Yuichi Onoue (see also OJP003 to discover his new band).
Their musical concept was called ‘retro-future and exoticism’ and was based and influenced by the mondo (the Japanese Buddhist term which prefigure a certain dialogue between master and disciples) but also the film genre, and of course the musical style lounge.
Adding the techno pop that was in vogue in Japan in the 80ties (see Yellow Magic Orchestra, Ippu Do etc...) and post rock to that concept gave something original to their music while definitively Japanese sounding.

They had three gigs at SILVER ELEPHANT ( a famous progressive rock club in Tokyo) and released a K7 album 'Mondo Electronica' with the five songs that are re mastered and digitally re released today.

The back of the original K7

The band live at Silver Elephant

A video:

Mondo Matsuda - Bass, ARP Odyssey Synthesizer, Sound Effects
Ramiel Iriya - Vocal, Accordion, Kazoo
Hoshipy Hoshikawa - KORG 01/W & MS-10 Synthesizer, Roland VP330 Vocoder
Shigeki Suzuki - Electric Drums & Percussion
Yuichi Onoue - Electric Guitar, Onoue Co-Q(Original One String Fiddle), Sound Effects

Produced by Mondo Matsuda
Engineered by Mondo Matsuda & Yuichi Onoue
Recorded between Sep. 1996 and Feb.1997.
Remastered by Pierre Vervloesem in 2016

Digital release on the 13th of January 2017.

Track listing:

1. Akasha (lyrics by Ramiel Iriya , Music by Mondo Matsuda)
2. Star's Child (lyrics by Ramiel Iriya , Music by Mondo Matsuda)
3. Princess Knight (lyrics by Kahei Nou, Music by Isao Tomita)
4. Under the Moon (lyrics and Music by Ramiel Iriya)
5. Seabed Super Express (lyrics by Noriko Sakamoto , Music by Mondo Matsuda)

Friday, January 6, 2017

ODG061 : Pascal Doguet / The Old City

Covert art by Pascal Doguet

ODG061 : Pascal Doguet / The Old City

Pascal Doguet is a French artist active for the last  20 years in the electronic music. 
As a young musician, he turned away his drums and started djing.
He then discovered the music of German electronic pioneer Edgar Froese and was influenced to an such an extend that he never ended experimenting with synthetisers. 
Initially self-taught, he perfected his learning with passion and practice, forging his own style ranging from electro to ambient music.

From his studio whose geometry varies according to projects or from his ipad while on his boat, he concocts sounds that will ultimately say more than all words could.
Pure product of the original electro scene, he now refines his tracks in an almost mystical atmosphere.
It would probably require as many qualifiers as there are states of mind to label his music but immediate feeling and ephemeral emotions are probably some of them.

His first electro colored album Mechanical Blue was released in 2009 followed in 2011 by two more atmospheric and ambient albums: Einziger Sohn and Air Lock.
2012 saw the cinematic album Reset and 2014 his last album Wholesale Of Love.
He is now more into writing long pieces that can just live by themselves. 

The Old City and Russian Girl are two examples of his ambient or his more IDM approaches.

Original cover for The Old City

Original cover for Russian Girl

Pascal Doguet

Digital release on the 6th of January 2017.

Track listing:

1: The Old City
2: Russian Girl

Monday, January 2, 2017

Off 10th anniversary begins!

Hello to all and happy New-Year!
For it's 10th anniversary, every new order of physical cd will bring you a gift!
For 1 cd order, you will receive a free cd of John Koenig/ Codswallop or Claude Zac Ensemble (see in OBX001).
For 2 cds order, you will receive a free cd to choose between OCD008/OCD009/OCD010/OCD015 or OCD017.
For 3 cds order, you will receive a free dvd of Lomahongva and a free cd of Caca (see in OBX001).
For 4 cds order, you will receive a free box The C.K. Theory OBX001 and a dvd of Lomahongva.


Also, the Off band camp will come with more and more titles at a price cheaper than the usual Itunes and all, so please, go for it! This will help the artists to make a better living than the 0,003$/€,£ they do with Spotify and all!

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Merry X-Mas and Happy New-Year to all and more for 2017!

One more time 2016 was a busy year for Off!
With no less than 45 digital or physical releases ( see the page Latest Releases) from bands, solo artists or compilations and a new series called 'The Japanese Series', Off tried again to bring you the best of music from all over the world.
From confirmed artists to new entries, Off continues to search for exciting music.
2017 will mark the 10th anniversary of the label and in order to celebrate this, Off will bring you even more amazing artists and lots of presents when ordering cds, so be sure to stay tuned here!

Meanwhile, Off wishes to all of you known and unknown music lovers a fabulous end of the year and hope to see you coming even more next year!
Remember that without you, without buying the real cds or downloading them, there will be no more music!
So thank you again for your support!

As always, Off lets you enjoy the special X-Mas gift from Dorit Chrysler! Enjoy!

Saturday, December 10, 2016

OJP016 : Robert Edwin / The Earth

Cover art Robert Edwin

OJP016 : Robert Edwin / The Earth

Robert Edwin (seeOCD008ODG006 and ODG027) is back with an EP of 4 songs originally released as digital only bonus tracks on a compilation. Those are the last songs he composed back in 2014 before spending most of his time on pen drawings. 
They reflect his mood of the time and are much more relaxed, chill out and downtempo than his previous ones. 
After a lot of exhibitions, he started this year to create live drawings using as background music the tracks from this EP and from previous albums.
He intends to start producing music again in 2017, but this time as a duo with 蒼政涼子.

This is an example of his live drawings:

Digital release on the 9th of December 2016.

Track listing:

1: Pole Shift

2: Multi Aid
3: Cold Space
4: Morning Ocean

Friday, December 2, 2016

ODG060 : Amélie Nilles / Seed

ODG060 : Amélie Nilles / Seed

Amélie Nilles is a french composer based in Paris, working in the field of electroacoustic music.
Influenced by musique concrète and jazz, which she studied in conservatory as a singer and
drummer, she tries to mix her voice with sounds from the environment (field recording), in order to make the whole organic.
She's currently attending a Master's Degree program at the University Paris VIII. 
Her research focuses on the notion of space in electronic music.

Seed, her first EP, introduces you to her imaginary with an amazing reprise of Strange Fruit (made famous by singer Billie Holiday) and one of her own compositions.

Amélie Nilles

Digital release on the 2nd of December 2016.

Track listing:
1) Strange Fruit
2) Unnatural Dance